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The Puritans are the men of God who started in the 16th century building on the purity of the gospel message that Salvation is by Grace alone.

The FIRST SAINT of the Australian’s Antichrist Church!

The Antichrist, the Pope and his Church (the Catholic Church) are celebrating their first SAINT in Australia, Mary MacKillop.
The Vatican, the headquarters and the seat of the Antichrist in Rome has finally given in to the pressure of her subjects to produce a SAINT in Australia.

Mary MacKillop was previously excommunicated from the Catholic Church and later reinstated through continuous pressure of all the SAINT worshipers in Australia.
To become or to be canonized a SAINT in the Catholic Church; the Vatican requires two miracles or more.
After hundred years of praying to a dead woman they could not find one miracle, so they invented two healings by two women whose identities are concealed, which they attributed to Mary MacKillop so she could be accepted by the Pope as a SAINT.

The Catholic Church is the Antichrist Church because every teaching and practice is contrary to the Scripture.

The Lord Jesus commands His Church to call no one on earth FATHER, since there is only ONE Father who is in heaven and He alone is HOLY! (Matt. 23:9+6:9)
But every member of the Antichrist Church is calling the Pope "HOLY FATHER" and the head of his Church.
Antichrist does not only mean 'Against Christ, it also means in place of Christ.'

In the Church of Jesus Christ, Jesus alone is the HOLY FATHER and the HEAD of His Church. (Col. 1:18)
Everyone who is born again is in Christ Jesus our Lord and is a SAINT. (Rom. 1:7)
SAINT, means, sanctified and set apart to be the bride of Jesus Christ our Lord and God.
Has Jesus Christ set you apart and made you a SAINT?
Or do you wait till the Pope declares you a SAINT?
Or, perhaps indifferent and don’t care?
Do you agree or have another revelation?
I like to hear your thoughts.

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The FIRST SAINT of the Australian’s Antichrist Church!
Posted by Paul G Tuesday, December 22, 2009