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The Puritans are the men of God who started in the 16th century building on the purity of the gospel message that Salvation is by Grace alone.

False Peace

John Bunyans famous character Mr False-Peace is a warning to all who want to speak peace and safety to those who are not in Christ such as Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims etc and not only encourage them in their false religions but never tell them to flee from their state of apostasy and the wrath to come. What then is to become of those who promote False Peace?...

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." Matt 10:34

False Peace defending Himself against the court

Mr Prosecutor: ... You did most wickedly and satanically bring, hold and keep men both in their apostasy and in their hellish rebellion, in a false groundless and dangerous peace, and damnable security, to the dishonour of the King, the transgression of his law and the great damage to others holding a true faith. How do you plead?

Mr False-Peace: ... Gentleman, and you now appointed to be my judges, I acknowledge that my name is Mr Peace, but that my name is False peace, I utterly deny. I was always a man that loved to live quietly, and what I loved myself that I thought others might love also. Wherefore, when I saw any of my neighbours to labour under a disquieted mind, I endeavoured to help them when I could. With good temper and humility I did this:
1. When men were lost they had disquieting reflections upon themselves for what they had done; but I, as one troubled to see them disquieted, presently sought out means to get them quiet again.
2. When men and women had wicked things happen to them I laboured to make them quiet again and to cause them to act without problems and thus live quietly as I do.
3. If I saw any Man or Woman afraid of destruction, I often used, by some way, device invention, or other to labour to bring them to peace again.

Wherefore, since I have been always a man of so virtuous a temper, as some say a peace-maker is, and if a peace-maker be so deserving a man as some have been bold to attest he is, then let me, gentleman, be accounted by you, who have a great name for justice and equity for all men. for a man that deserveth not this inhuman way of treatment, but liberty, and also a license to seek damage of those that have been my accusers.

Mr Search-Truth: My lord, I can attest that his name is in fact False-Peace. I knew his father his name was Mr Flatter; and his mother, before she was married was called by the name of Mrs Sooth-up and when he was born they called him False-Peace.

Mr Vouch-Truth: I have in former times seen him angry with those that have called him anything else but False-peace. When sin reigns Mr false peace is a great man among all evil doers.

Mr Court: These truthful man have testified against you. You are charged for evil not for being a peace-maker or being a man of peace but because you did wickedly and satanically bring and keep men and women under their apostasy and in rebellion against the King in a false, lying and damnable peace, contrary to the law of God. This is hazardous and destructive of all men you talk to. Know this that the peace that is not a companion of truth and holiness, but that which is without this foundation, is grounded upon a lie, and is both deceitful and damnable; as also has been said by Jesus himself.

Mr Know-all: My lord, this man hath of a long time made it, to my knowledge, his business to keep Men and women in a sinful quietness in the midst of all lewdness, filthiness, and turmoils and hath said, and that in my hearing, "Come, come, let us fly from all trouble, on what ground soever it comes, and let us be for a quiet and peaceable life, though it wanteth a good foundation."

Mr Hate Lies: I have heard him say, that peace, though in a way of unrighteousness, is better than trouble with truth.

Mr Clerk: Where did you hear him say this?

Mr Hate-lies: I heard him say it in Folly Yard, at the house of one Mr Simple, next door to the sign of the Self-deceiver.

Mr Clerk: We may spare further witness; this evidence is plain and full. He shall be sentenced to death.

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False Peace
Posted by Correy Monday, March 20, 2006


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, good post.

A fear of stirring up controversy can sometimes be a bad thing, to be sure. I guess that would manifest itself a little differently that something 'Mr False-Peace' would say. But in the end, short of the lies of Mr. False-Peace, is it any better to say nothing?

On the other hand, a little salt ought to be used when a person does speak. I can think of someone who does not mind 'bringing a sword', but it is done in such a way that you could hardly imagine what good it might bring - It has every appearance that the person just loves to be contentious.

March 20, 2006 9:09 PM   Edit
Blogger 4given said...

Very clever.
I read "Little Christian" to my oldest boys when they were but 7 and 8... they have gone on to both read and study Pilgrim's Progress within our home education.
I tend to collect "Pilgrim's Progress" books and renditions of it. I have found some to be good, fun reads for younger children... others to represent the story poorly.
It was quite fun to inherit from my husband's grandfather, who had about the entire word of God memorized, both a German 1800's Luther Bible alongside an old "Pilgrim's Progress" that was well worn and obviously enjoyed often.
It isn't any better to say nothing, Mr. Somers. It is disheartening to see how some choose to speak the truth. THough truth, is it any better to speak it or write it so contentiously? However, in writing, it can be especially difficult at times to reveal your weeping heart when things apearing as truth are actually "false-peace" lies that are so prevelant.

March 20, 2006 11:25 PM   Edit
Blogger Correy said...

I am glad you enjoyed the post. The character False-Peace is actually from the Holy War. In my opinion this book is even better then Pilgrims Progress.

That is quite amazing that your husbands grandfather had the entire word of God memorized He would be like John Bunyan who it is said to have been a walking concordance.

March 20, 2006 11:27 PM   Edit
Blogger Unknown said...

PB said, "John Bunyans famous character Mr False-Peace is a warning to all who want to speak peace and safety to those who are not in Christ such as Catholics..."

Here is my question. PB, how have you determined that Catholics are NOT in Christ? What is the standard by which you judge them to be not of the Christian faith?

March 21, 2006 1:57 AM   Edit
Blogger Correy said...

Maki: For every doctrine and the Spirit they hold is in opposition to Christ the word.

March 21, 2006 2:46 AM   Edit
Blogger GIERSCHICK said...

Please don't take this verse out of context...if you look at the rest of the section, Jesus is referring to turmoil between relationships...he will cause old loyalties to be broken, and a new one to be created - loyalty to him and his kingdom firstly; not familial or societal.

March 21, 2006 3:46 AM   Edit
Blogger Correy said...

I assume you mean:

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." Matt 10:34"

The verse is talking about Jesus dividing truth and error just as a sword. By nature this is what the truth does. Talk about the truth as it is in Jesus Christ and you will quickly see False-Peace become very angry and of course you will lose him as your friend as the rest of the verses after point out. Your relationships even with your Father and mother are put at odds when they are not built in the truth of Christ.

March 21, 2006 4:17 AM   Edit
Blogger 4given said...

I should have worded my comment more clearly. I knew this was from the Holy War... I just have a heart more partial to Pilgrim's Progress.

March 21, 2006 10:26 AM   Edit

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