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The Puritans are the men of God who started in the 16th century building on the purity of the gospel message that Salvation is by Grace alone.

Should We Be Silent?

I have made up the following allegory to answer Robs Question "Is it any better to say nothing Rather than stirring up controversy?

(In true John Bunyan style)

Mr False-Pretence: Preach the gospel with your Godly Living and offerings of good will to all men. For this is all that is needed and any other worldly foolish gospel will turn people off from Christianity.

Mr Spiritual-Knowledge: Now can a wicked sinner be turned off from Christianity? Let us examine a water tap which is turned off so that no water is dripping from it. Can it be turned off any further?

Mr Understand-Spiritual-Things: By the Spirit of God I testify that it can not.

Mr Spiritual-Knowledge: Yes, Man is dead in sin so any mention of Jesus and his gospel is always better then none. At the very least it will turn the tap on. And when the Spirit takes over He does a complete work in the sinner so that the tap will be pouring out living water from the King for they will never be thirsty again. Now listen further to see how wrong it is to think that the gospel can turn people off Christianity as Bold-Evangelist sows a seed to a wicked sinner.

Mr Bold-Evangelist: You are condemned to die and after that comes judgement. Fly from the wrath to come (Matt 3:7) Jesus is the only way! Call on his name. His death brings life to all those who believe on His name. (And after this proclamation his blessed feet walk away from Mr Wicked Sinner)

Mr Wicked-Sinner: I knew of one Mr Bold-Evangelist once. He condemned me speaking of my destruction and making me feel uncomfortable. His message was a deadly stench unto my nose. He was not so holy himself I bet I can dig up some sin about him even though he condemns me of my wicked sin.

Mr False-Christian: I hear your words Mr Wicked Sinner and am on your side. My friends are much nicer then Mr Bold-Evangelist and we all can agree to him not being so holy for no one is perfect. (Accuser of the brethren).

Mr Man-Appointed-Pastor: We can create some programs and courses that will make you feel more comfortable to become just like Mr False-Christian.

Miss False-Kindness: Our gospel is much nicer and if you look at us we too are dressed well like yourself in glowing gowns of self-righteousness. Bold-Evangelists gospel is far to hard but ours will be much more palatable for we made our building comfortable for you Mr Wicked Sinner you will already be accustomed to the programs we have.

Mr False-Humility: Unlike Evangelist who condemned only you. My friends and I readily admit we are not yet righteous and although we are not sure where we will end up we are certainly trying in our religion. Bold-Evangelist claims he is already adorned with righteousness, But surely this can't be true.

Mr Utter-Lies: There are far too many like evangelist and we place the blame on all Christians like him concurring as our creed "The biggest cause of Atheism in the world today is Christians" Therefore wicked sinner don't be like these Christians that turn you off Christianity be like us for we can turn you on to False-Christianity.

Mrs Wrong-Choices: I believe being a christian is all about good choices. I rejoice when I, like my friends made Good choices to become part of this splendid false-church.

Therefore we ask you to choose to be part of our humble gathering where we will tell you of no-longer-grace and help you to choose to fulfill as many of the commands as you can. Surely by doing this and also trusting and believing in Anti-Christ we are justified and will go to heaven.

Mr Wicked-Sinner: Your message has tickled my ears. I choose to be a follower of false-church and submit myself to Mr Man-Appointed-Pastor. For this gratifies my sinful nature which I am not willing to give up but by choosing good I can perhaps get rid of it one day.

Mr Man-Appointed-Pastor: In light of your testimony to this peaceful false-church and after saying your no-sinners-prayer I therefore declare you are now part of false-church and now part of my flock.

Christ-Revealed-From-Heaven: Wicked-Sinner, although you were not seeking me I found you. I called you with an everlasting love and by my bands of loving kindness I drew you. I chose you out of the world and sanctify you by my Spirit into my light. Sin is no longer debited to your account but to mine, for on the cross I bore it, conquered it despising its shame and rose again in victory. For the work I do in you I will continue till the very end. Because of this you are now clothed in righteousness. Your name is no longer Wicked-Sinner but Reborn-Believer.

Mr ReBorn-Believer: I believe in you Jesus. I am not ashamed. I repent of my sins in which I formerly walked according to the course of the world as Wicked-Sinner. For by your grace you saved me, Justified me and glorified me. It is you Jesus I love and serve according to the commands you have now written in my heart and mind. I now find myself in you and you in me.

Mr God-Appointed-Pastor: Come dine at my house and have fellowship with those who are sanctified in the mighty name of Jesus. Mr Re-Born-Believer you have cried out Abba Father and are thus a Son of the King. Converted with faith like a child given to you from Jesus Himself just as we also received. Your robes are no longer filthy rags but white as snow without spot wrinkle or blemish.

Mr Godly-Teacher: As there are 3 of us gathered in this house let us have discourse in the name of Jesus. Mr God-Appointed-Pastor will bring a hymn, Re-Born-Believer you can bring a word of knowledge and Psalm and I will bring a word from the Scripture.

And so the general assembly began with the breaking of bread and strong fellowship in the name of Jesus.

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Should We Be Silent?
Posted by Correy Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Now can a wicked sinner be turned off from Christianity? Let us examine a water tap which is turned off so that no water is dripping from it. Can it be turned off any further?"

Good point.

March 21, 2006 9:46 AM   Edit
Blogger 4given said...

This post caused me to do some research in the area of "speaking gifts"... I have so much to learn.
See: Speaking Gifts by John MacArthur
The charismatic movement has so twisted all of this. A warped definition of "Word of Knowledge"

March 21, 2006 10:55 AM   Edit
Blogger Correy said...

Thanks Rob: I went a bit overboard with the anwer.

I am guessing this research was because of "Mr God-Appointed-Pastor will bring a hymn, Re-Born-Believer you can bring a word of knowledge and Psalm and I will bring a word from the Scripture"

Thanks for the links.

March 21, 2006 11:14 AM   Edit
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, I don't know if you went overboard. I found your thoughts to be helpful.

March 21, 2006 11:41 AM   Edit
Blogger jazzycat said...

Good points. We can be silent and be spoken well of, but that is ultimately not good:

Luke 6:26 Woe to you when all men speak well of you,for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets.

March 22, 2006 12:14 AM   Edit
Blogger Doug E. said...

Now there is is a great answer to a question. Bunyan would have been proud.

God Bless,


March 22, 2006 8:07 AM   Edit
Blogger Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear P.B.,

I love your P.P.-style article! Great stuff!

Love in Christ,


March 23, 2006 3:05 PM   Edit
Blogger Correy said...

Many Thanks Jeff and Doug, JazzyCat that is a hard hitting verse. I love it.

March 23, 2006 3:10 PM   Edit

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