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The Puritans are the men of God who started in the 16th century building on the purity of the gospel message that Salvation is by Grace alone.

The Surprising Work of God

by Jonathan Edwards
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My Summary:
Jonathan Edwards some years after the Great Awakening took to the pen to defend and record the conversions that happened during the Revival. He gives many accounts of how conversion started with the fear of God and conviction of Sin to the moment when Jesus set them apart with bands of loving kindness.

Unlike today's church which is quick to simply count decisions these conversions came under Calvinistic preaching and Jonathan Edwards also records the lasting fruit of the Holy Spirit in these new converts.

Things that stood out:
1. Young Men and Women Seeking the Truth
This revival was mainly about the young men and women of the town. In the eve of the revival the youth were all talking about Arminianism. (It's up to man to choose)

"... But it seemed, contrary to their fear, that Arminianism was strongly overruled ... Many who considered themselves to be in a Christ-less condition seemed to be awakened by the controversy"

It is tremendous when young men and women are concerned about making their calling and election sure and being conformed to the likeness of Christ.

2. Very aware of Sin in their lives
The first chapter shows just how concerned Northampton was with Sin. In all accounts the sinner wanted to hear from Jesus if they were saved not their own declaration of themselves or the declaration of someone else, only Jesus.

3. Salvation
There were as many different accounts of salvation as there were conversions. One thing they all had in common was Jesus making himself known to the sinner as part of their salvation and the peace and glory when this happens.

4. The Holy Spirit withdrawing
You can tell that even though amazing events were being recorded of the works of the Holy Spirit Jonathan Edwards was always conservative and not over exaggerating. Conversions gradually became less and Northampton and the surrounding districts almost consumed by the Holy Spirit gradually had problems creeping in when the Holy Spirit withdrew. Such as suicides and false teachers emerging.

A great read considering that the book is incredibly cheap ($5) Great for those who want to know what true salvation is and the work of the Holy Spirit in conversion.

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The Surprising Work of God
Posted by Correy Edmed Sunday, February 26, 2006


Blogger Mike Garner said...

Second to Religious Affections, I think this is my favorite bit from Edwards. Every Christian should make it a point to read this at least once.

In Christ alone,

February 27, 2006 7:57 AM   Edit
Blogger Doug E. said...

I've not read that one. Thanks for the summary. I'm going to have to check it out.


February 27, 2006 2:42 PM   Edit
Blogger Michael Pendleton said...

I love the sermon Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God.

I have a link to the audio of it on my blog.

There is no such thing as preaching like that anymore....well, there are some.

I ranted reasonly about the guilt ridden invitation. I think it's motivated by counting numbers. Exactly how many times can you "make sure that your saved"?

February 28, 2006 8:12 AM   Edit
Blogger Michael Pendleton said...

If anyone is interested, here is a link for the audio of this book.

Part One
Part Two

All Sermons

February 28, 2006 10:11 AM   Edit
Blogger Puritan Belief said...

That is great Michael, I republished this post and added these links to the top. Many thanks for pointing this out.

February 28, 2006 10:22 AM   Edit

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