Puritan Belief

The Puritans are the men of God who started in the 16th century building on the purity of the gospel message that Salvation is by Grace alone.

Trinity's SIN !

But Trinity, you are having a relationship with three men and you are transgressing the first commandment of the Lord (Deut. 5:7). 
Remember that the Lord has espoused you to ONE husband (2 Cor.11:2) and not to three husbands as you are, and because of your many lovers the Lord is calling you a prostitute (Rev. 19:2). Yes I know, the word 'prostitute' is a horrible word, but that is exactly what you are. If you would have been faithful to ONE person (Rev. 14:12) then you wouldn't be called a prostitute. But just that you know, your practice and teaching comes from your mother (Rev. 17:5 etc.) which is the Catholic Church. Before her, it was unheard and nobody ever believed, taught and committed this abomination.

(Trinity responds)
Oh No! I do not have three husbands as you say, but only ONE husband. You should speak to me in Psalms and spiritual songs and not constantly accusing me of having three husbands. Although it is true that I have a relationship with three man, but those three man are are ONE husband and not three, it's kind of hard to understand, but I don't have a relationship with three husbands as you are always accusing me. Why don't you understand that? I am just like you but see things in a different way to you. All the Churches believe and teach that Tom, Dick and Harry together are ONE husband and I am espoused to him alone (2 Cor. 11:2). My husband who is three in ONE is a mystery and nobody can understand that mystery including you.

Trinity, why then is it that you are trying so hard to explain to me a mystery which nobody supposed to understand? You call Tom, Dick and Harry your husband and say that they are three persons yet one husband? Your lie is so blatant and has been taught so long that even the elect is believing you.
Trinity, you being a woman or a bride, how is it that you are teaching the men contrary to the Bible (1 Tim. 2:12) ? Is it because you are trying to seduce them to be also your lovers?

Oh Trinity, Oh Trinity! Your sins are many! how long have I reasoned with you, yet you always have refused to listen to me, like a hyena you are gnashing your teeth at me and stiffen your neck.
But look! What I have done to you and continually are doing to you. I have filled all your Hospitals with your converts and strike them with every curse and disease that are written in the Book (Deut. 28:15-68). 
I have taken your choice young man to war and utterly destroyed them. In front of your eyes I strike your children dead in accidents, suicide and drug overdose etc. (Rev. 2:23), and you are still unwilling to listen to me and repent of your many adulteries. So I command the earthquakes to shake your foundations and drive tidal-waves against you and to complete my disgust I arouse the wind and the storm to destroy and remove everything that you have. And if that is not good enough, I still have one thing more to come, Oh Trinity! Don't you know that I can read the innermost thought of your heart, you think that it is Paul G. who is talking to you. Tell me, why is my language not clear to you? And why is it that you do not recognise my voice?

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Trinity's SIN !
Posted by Paul G Sunday, October 20, 2013