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The Puritans are the men of God who started in the 16th century building on the purity of the gospel message that Salvation is by Grace alone.

Catholics produce catholics, Baptists produce baptists

One thing you will notice about every denomination is that they are in the business of creating more of themselves.

Pentecostal churches produces more pentecostals
Baptist churches produces more Baptists
Anglican churches produces more Anglicans
Presbyterians churches produce more Presbyterians.
Catholic churches produce more catholics
.....100's of others in this list.

Most of the above church members are excellent salesman who specialise in asking people to join their particular brand of church business. "Our church is having a bbq did you want to come along" "Why don't you come along to church with me tonight" "On Sunday I go to church the people there are all really nice"

A believer in Jesus produces more believers in Jesus
[This happens without the help of even one church business]


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Catholics produce catholics, Baptists produce baptists
Posted by Puritan Belief Saturday, April 14, 2007


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only the Holy Spirit produces Believers in Jesus.

It is good to see you don't discriminate between the denominations. It seems abundantly clear that you hate all churches with an equal passion.

To follow your list, a hater of the church will only produce more haters of the church yes?

April 18, 2007 7:30 PM   Edit
Anonymous kellie said...

So true. But can i also say that you start to look like those you hang around...yes you hang around jesus you will look like him, but also you hang around anyone else for a long time you start taking on their traits...like i was living with americans for 2 yrs and i developed an accent.... so you cant really pay someone out for looking like they come from a particular community of believers.... but the question of denominational beliefs and false doctrines is valid to question....

April 18, 2007 7:35 PM   Edit
Blogger Puritan Belief said...

I am certainly not a hater of the church of the firstborn I am a lover of the church and all those who are in it.

Yes the Holy Spirit He is the one who produces believers in Himself.

Kellie Bad company corrupts good character and a proselyte is a great thing as long as it is a proselyte of Christ in you the hope of glory and not your church organisation.

April 18, 2007 8:25 PM   Edit
Anonymous kellie said...

yep i agree, but im not talking about moral behavior

i met this lady the other day and i could tell immediately that she was somehow related to my next door neighbor...she was her sister...this was not a moral or religious issue, just she came from the same family and picked up same manerisims...in the same way , whatever community of believers you hang around, you start to emulate...again not talking about moral behavior.

Do you believe that every believer is encouraged to belong to a community of believers?

April 18, 2007 9:13 PM   Edit
Anonymous kellie said...

i liked how you said : a proselyte is a great thing as long as it is a proselyte of Christ in you the hope of glory and not your church organisation.

April 18, 2007 9:18 PM   Edit
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to add this on your list "PURITANS PRODUCES PURITANS".



April 20, 2007 4:09 AM   Edit
Blogger Puritan Belief said...

Kellie I see it that we belong and have a fervant love of other believers in Jesus. "Love your neighbor as yourself" This command is great.

I agree puritans produce puritans and calvinists produce calvanists.

There are many people who fit like a glove into the puritan and calvanist mold.

Yet they are not believers in Jesus and do not produce believers in Jesus.

A Believer in either of these two is just as lost as a believer in catholocism.

The Blog title is symbolic of a belief in the one who is pure. This one is Jesus Christ He is our Puritan Belief.

April 20, 2007 9:14 AM   Edit
Blogger Paul G said...

Puritan belief;
It is true, that every denomination multiplies after their kind.
Sheep produce Sheep, Goats produce Goats.
If you lift up Martin Luther, you get Lutherans.
If the Anglican Church, you get Anglicans.
If Jehovah, you get Jehovah Witnesses.
If Christians, you get Christians. I mean that in the negative sense.
Even the five foolish virgins called themselves Christians and look what happened to them.

But if you preach Jesus, and lift Him up He will draw all men to Himself.

April 22, 2007 7:12 PM   Edit
Blogger Paul G said...

Puritan belief;
I like your comment to anonymous.
“There are many people who fit like a glove into the Puritan and Calvinist mould.”
That reminds me! When a rat lives in a cookie jar, that does not make the rat a cookie.
Because someone believes the doctrine of predestination, that does not make that person a born again believer in Jesus Christ.

Everyone who is born of the Holy Spirit, will lead any sinner to Jesus, in order that their sins may be forgiven and become a disciple to Jesus Christ and not to themselves, or their Church.

April 23, 2007 7:19 PM   Edit
Blogger Paul G said...

I would like to answer your question.
“Do you believe that every believer is encouraged to belong to a community of believers?”
As long as you remember that you do not belong to any community. You belong to the one who bought you with the price of His blood, and that is Jesus Christ our Lord.
You are His possession, and because of that you love to have fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.
And that fellowship is not like you see in all churches and denominations where one person speaks from the pulpit and you are seated in the pew for one hour an then go home.
That pattern and style of church is unscriptural and is Catholic (Universal) at best.

Kellie, every church starts with a community, then they start organize and set up a structure and a hierarchy of leaders, like Pastors, Reverend’s, Bishops, Fathers etc.
They do that to divide the believers into two groups the clergy and the congregation.
They become your leaders and demand that you pay tithe 10% in order to keep their church business and organization going.
This is Catholicism, and all denominations structure their Churches after her.

As for you Kellie, do not be a part of them, rather have fellowship with Jesus and other genuine born again believers who are in Christ.
Do not call or greet anyone Pastor, Reverend, Father or any title because the Lord forbids you to do so Matt.23:9+10.

April 30, 2007 7:28 PM   Edit
Anonymous kellie said...

hey paul,

i dont call anyone by their 'title', its funny, every time you guys bring up that point, i really dont struggle with it and never have...though a question, you know the verse how it says he gave some to be pastors/teachers/etc... ?

As for the church , i have stepped back from the leadership position i was in. And to be honest, and this has amazed me, God has used me more in the last weekend then he has in the last 8 months of me serving under that title...im now going to go with a different attitude and purpose and still do the same thing i was doing, but for God and not cause i was told too by someone else...

true believers can be found amongst the non believers in church and i usually find that God will bring into my path fellowship with true christians and we can chat about him for hours. they can be from all walks of life. Like i was living in a house of 5 south africans at one stage in london and this guy moves in from usa and we get on like a house on fire even though his background is african american, his past built up of drugs/gangs/his been shot few times u know the deal and here i was fellowshiping with this guy... me, a white girl from oz who has been lookin after kids for the past 4 years, how could i relate to him you know if it wasnt for God and thats all we ever talked about. to this day we are like family and i know exactly when i should be praying for him even if i havent heard from him for months you know, now thats the fellowship we need more of :)

May 02, 2007 9:27 PM   Edit
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe this is more common among those who write online blogs, but I have yet to hear of anyone who thinks you can "just believe in Jesus". Yes, they'll say that's what you need to believe, but then they attempt to smuggle in a whole host of assorted doctrines and theology which you must believe in to be considered a "real Christian".

It's not just mere disagreement here, either. You will be called a "heretic", a "blasphemer" and every other name in the book, even though you "believe in Jesus"!

If you don't have the right view of the Trinity, or predestination, or God's role (or lack of it) in evil, or baptism, or evangelization, or speaking on tongues ... I could go on and on, but you get my drift.

I've really yet to meet anyone who doesn't discard other people as "nonbelievers" because they don't adhere to the almost unlimited Chinese menu of beliefs that they do. In other words, believe everything THEY believe OR ELSE!!!

- James

May 06, 2007 11:01 AM   Edit
Blogger Puritan Belief said...


Even the demons believe in Jesus and tremble.

May 06, 2007 11:08 AM   Edit
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PB: So what differentiates a demon from a Christian, given that they believe the same things and are both sinners?

- James

May 07, 2007 12:25 AM   Edit
Anonymous kellie said...

its easy to say you believe in jesus... Jesus is not some made up person.

But the difference between believers and non believers is that they follow jesus and believe he has saved them and believe all he has said and that he has called them to live a life that is counter culture to this world....not subculture (as some churchs seem to have become) and they are noticed against those who say they believe with their lips but their heart is far from him.
just my thoughts....

May 07, 2007 9:07 PM   Edit
Blogger Paul G said...

I know that you do not struggle with that point.
In all the ministry functions;
1Cor.12:28 God has appointed apostles, prophets, teachers, miracles, healing, administrations etc.
Eph.4:11 God gave apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.
Did you noticed, that it is always God who appoints or gives, it is not the church.
But what you are seeing in all the churches is that People go to a Bible college, and then they get a certificate and want to be called pastor, reverend, bishop, etc. etc.
This is a special breed that always reproduces after their kind. They desire those titles because it pays best, when they quote 1Cor. and Eph. They always put pastor on top of the list.
Also they love to say;
I have to go to a pastor’s conference.
He is also a pastor.
I know the pastor in that church.
I went to a pastor’s retreat, and the list goes on and on.
To me, it sounds like a big spaghetti club.

Oh! Good thought on your last comment.

May 08, 2007 10:31 PM   Edit
Blogger Paul G said...

Anonymous; (James)
Just believing in Jesus is not good enough, or having the right doctrine, or good deeds, or faithfully attend church, but what you need is a new birth a (spiritual birth) to be born again just as Jesus said in John 3:3.

After that the Lord Jesus will lead you into all the truth, because there will be a new Spirit in you, the Holy Spirit. Therefore you will be able to discern a true doctrine from a false doctrine.
If you are not born again, then you will believe the lies of the devil.

James, there is no right or wrong view of the Trinity.
The Trinity is not in the Bible, it is a doctrine of the devil.
All children of the devil believe that Jesus Christ is not God alone. But that the real God is another person like Jehovah, Allah or any other name etc.
Look at the churches today; they all say Jesus is one of the gods, but surely not the only one true God.

May 08, 2007 10:41 PM   Edit
Blogger Paul G said...

Here is an answer to your Question.
A demon is not created in God’s image and he can not be saved. Whatever he believes makes no difference; he is an evil spirit from Satan and is doomed to hell at the Day of Judgment.

A disciple or a believer in Jesus Christ is created in God’s image.
They are the saved redeemed and God’s own possession who are not sinners and they will never perish.

Christ can not be compared with the devil; neither can His children be compared with demons.

May 09, 2007 9:50 PM   Edit
Anonymous Anonymous said...

paul g,

Do you ever, intermitantly or regularly attend a church?
Or 'church-hop' between them?
Or do you fellowship exclusively at home or in the homes of other 'true believers'?

I understand the distrust you have of the churches, with their 'user-friendly' or 'sinner-friendly' formula and routines. I'm just wondering.

If you agree with Kelly that there are 'true Christians' in the church businesses (as you call them) why don't you fellowship there with them?
Or why don't they leave the 'false churches' and come hang out with you?

Please don't take anything critically, I'm not attacking your belief, just wanting to understand it better.


May 12, 2007 8:34 AM   Edit
Blogger Paul G said...

True believers do not attend churches or church-businesses, because they are the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, the living stones which each one is functioning according to their gifting from the Lord. That does not happen in a church-business, or as you said, “a user- friendly, or sinner-friendly formula and routine church”.
If you testify, preach and teach the Scripture and the Lord Jesus, and have no compromise or partiality then every church-organization can not tolerate you and they will excommunicate you.

If they have thrown Jesus out of their churches, what do you think they will do to you?
Remember a servant is not greater than his master.
You can not please both, man and God.
Churches love the praises of man that’s why the name ‘Ichabod’ is written over their assemblies.

To answer you question;
If God permits I will do all this, apart from being exclusive.

May 13, 2007 10:03 PM   Edit
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks paul g,

I think you misunderstood my use of exclusively.

I didn't mean exclusive as opposed to being inclusive if others wanted to fellowship with you. I meant it more as 'only' having fellowship at home and never in 'churches'.

thanks for our answers.

What do you mean by the name Ichabod?


May 14, 2007 10:54 PM   Edit
Blogger Paul G said...

(Ichabod,) 1Samuel 4:21
Means, the glory has departed.

This happens, when an assembly organizes and slowly departs from the Lord Jesus, or put the Lord to the second place next of two other persons. Then they become church
Orientated and organization conscience.
Plainly a(church-business.)

May 16, 2007 9:03 PM   Edit
Blogger Jonny-red said...

I can say that this is true. I have to admit that i have been involved in this fashion of "christianity". Although this habit of churches turning churches into buisnesses is becoming more common, there are some new believers coming out of this and people who god has elected have found him

June 03, 2007 8:14 PM   Edit

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